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Colloque sur le "commerce des maladies" à Amsterdam

Dernière modification : 3 juin 2010

Conference 2010
Selling Sickness - Influence on influence

The international conference : ’Selling Sickness - Influence on influence’ will be held at the Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam on October 7-8, 2010. The host is Healthy Skepticism (Netherlands) assisted by the Dutch Institute for Rational Use of Medicine and Healthy Skepticism (International). The sponsors are the Dutch Ministry of Health and the Dutch Health Care Inspectorate. Collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) is in process. The conference is designed for everyone with an interest in pharmaceutical information and promotion including : health professionals, policy makers, staff of government health and regulatory departments, inspectors, staff of pharmaceutical, advertising and public relations companies, staff of NGOs and journalists. The conference will focus on describing problems with pharmaceutical promotion, understanding the causes, developing solutions and enabling collaboration. The two days will include many presentations as well as time for networking, panel discussions and poster sessions.

Registration NOW OPEN !!
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Register before July 1 to take advantage of discounted earlybird rates :
staff of non-profit organisations € 225,-
staff of profit organisations € 395,-
students € 175,-
After July 1 the rates will be :
staff of non-profit organisations € 295,-
staff of profit organisations € 495,-
students € 175,-
Contested definitions of diseases
Promotion to the public
Information sources for the public
Regulation, Law and Ethics
Confirmed speakers
Ray Moynihan - journalist, co-author of the book ’Selling Sickness’, frequent contributor to the British Medical Journal and conjoint lecturer at the Faculty of Health, University of Newcastle, Australia.

Peter R Mansfield - general practitioner, founder and director of Healthy Skepticism Inc and visiting research fellow at the University of Adelaide, Australia.

Dee Mangin - general practitioner, director of the Primary Care Research Unit and associate professor in the Department of Public Health and General Practice at the University of Otago, New Zealand.

Michel Dutrée - general manager Nefarma (Dutch pharmaceutical industry association), representative for Nefarma at the EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations) and council member of IFPMA (International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations), The Netherlands.

Trudy Dehue - full professor of sociology and history of the human sciences, author of the volume ’De depressie epidemie’ (The depression epidemic), University of Groningen, The Netherlands.

John Mack - president of VirSci Corporation, specializes in pharmaceutical marketing compliance, permission-based e-mail marketing, and privacy consulting. Publisher of Pharma Marketing News and Pharma Marketing Blog, USA.

Dean Baker - macroeconomist, co-founder of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, blogger (Beat the Press) and author of ’False Profits : Recovering from the Bubble Economy’, USA.

Graham Dukes - medical doctor and lawyer, professor of pharmaceutical policy at the University of Oslo, Norway. Former vice-chairman of the Netherlands Board for the Evaluation of Medicines.

Hilda Bastian - head of the Department of Health Information at the German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG), Germany.

More speakers being confirmed shortly - please check this website regularly for updates.

Call for posters
The conference includes poster sessions that will create an opportunity to share and debate a wide range of views consistent with the theme of this conference. Posters are welcome from academics and non-academics and do not have to present original research. People interested in presenting a poster are invited to submit an abstract for consideration. Look at Call for posters for Abstract submission form and more information.

For more information about the conference, please contact Sandra van Nuland, Project manager Gezonde scepsis : conference@medicijngebruik.nl.

Dutch Health Care Inspectorate (IGZ)
Dutch Ministery of Health (VWS)

Healthy Skepticism
Dutch Institute for Rational Use of
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